The magic of Tarot divination is not in the cards but in ourselves. – Stephan Hoeller

Tarotpy is Lauren Z. Schneider’s unique, pioneering method of using the symbolic language of tarot, dream, soul and other image cards to literally “lay the unconscious on the table.”

Like a “waking dream,” Tarotpy  works as an interactive process to go beyond the “aha” of traditional therapies and provide an “awe” inspiring experience, awakening greater awareness and choices.

“M” randomly selected a tarot deck, then chose a card to represent her central conflict. It turned out to be a “moon” card, which is common in every deck. But, this card was different; instead of being flanked by castles, the moon was flanked by wine bottles. When I asked, “Is there a drinking problem in your family,” she dissolved in tears. Her husband had died of alcoholism and her two sons were both alcoholics. Already, we were confronting a problem she had spent years avoiding.

These old cards were conceived deep in the guts of human experience, at the most profound level of the human psyche…Studying a specific card seems to unlock hidden stores of creative imagination so that sudden insights and ideas can burst forth into consciousness, seemingly from nowhere.   – Sallie Nichols, Jung and the Tarot

Tarotpy is not a new age concept or fad.  It’s a dynamic method of allowing you to shift your consciousness, often as easily as shifting cards on the table.

Tarotpy enhances dream work by allowing you to tap into a specific night dream or to stimulate imagination and insight that may be otherwise blocked, for instance, if you do not remember your dreams.

Tarot - 2 tarot cards image

      Tarotpy can:  

  • Help unlock resistance                                  
  • Reveal inner truth
  • Uncover even deeply fixed patterns
  • Provide a visual road map for change

Our conscious minds often wall off wounds and block the pathways to healing. Tarotpy opens a door to inner wisdom, beyond the boundaries and limits of our perceptions, for greater guidance, problem-solving and growth.