"Happiness comes from discovering our life's purpose and our own unique gifts" - Lauren Z. Schneider

Do you know what your dreams mean?   Are you listening to the greater wisdom inside?
Did you know that the answers to all your questions are within you?

We don't have to suffer. We all get stuck in old patterns that hold us back.
But these patterns also hold the answers to our questions.

Using dreams, tarot and other symbolic tools, integrated with traditional psychotherapy, we can find the answers and learn to release negative patterns -- even those learned in childhood -- to transform and heal our lives.


 Dream Work and Tarotpy tap into the life-affirming spark within, helping to:

  • reshape self-image

  • make better choices

  • break through limits and obstacles

  • heal trauma and grief

  • overcome anxiety and depression

  • solve creative and emotional blocks

We all come equipped with a map of instructions locked inside our unconscious minds, that reveals who we truly are, and who we are meant to be.

Like a seed within, the map is the path of our own heroic journey, helping us to see the larger picture.
All we need to do is know how to unfold and read the map.

Dreams, tarot and symbolic images are not new-age fads but ancient, sacred tools used for healing throughout the ages. They help to open doors beyond our waking lives to reveal our deepest needs and desires, life patterns, relationships and core beliefs.  

"Divination is not mere fortune telling or superstition. Rather it is an exceedingly subtle psychological technique whereby the secrets of the unconscious can be discovered, its powers, (extrasensory and others) can be made accessible, and guidance for our confused 
and disordered lives can be obtained."                  Stephan Hoeller, author
The Royal Road

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       “My work with Lauren enriched my life tremendously. I confidently recommend her as a knowledgeable, gifted,  
            compassionate guide along the path toward healing one’s self and the world.” - Ruth Rosenfelder, MFT


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