"The imagination is not a state:
it is the human existence itself. "

~ William Blake

Dreams and Tarotpy Expand the Boundaries of Psychotherapy.

Sacred Psychotherapy integrates ancient healing tools with psychotherapy practices such as hypnosis, family systems, Eco-psychology, trauma therapy and EMDR to get faster results.

By using dreams, Tarot and the I Ching for their original purpose – as tools of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Therapy doesn’t have to be hard and painful; with
creativity and inspiration, Sacred Psychotherapy invites you to recognize your true self, turn life challenges into opportunities for healing old wounds and discover greater appreciation for yourself and your life.

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At seven weeks pregnant I had this dream:

I return a compact of blood-red eye shadow to the mall. I tell the saleswoman behind the counter, “The make up is not right for me”. Upon waking from the dream I said, “I am going to miscarry”. I miscarried a week later. Two months afterward, I dreamed that I was chasing bunnies and caught one. This time I woke to say, “We need a pregnancy test”. I was indeed pregnant with my first child.

Dreams carry wisdom, information and healing energy. When your ego is asleep, dreams open a window to your soul, offering visions and guidance for health, relationships, problem solving and wholeness. Dreams help you gain a view of yourself that is richer and larger than in waking life.